When it comes to community policing, the way forward can seem stacked with complicated solutions to complex issues. But what if there was a relatively new tool available, one that’s advantageous for both police officers and the community?

What if that tool was already in use by many law-enforcement agencies across America?

That tool is the Trikke Positron, a three-wheel, battery-powered, personal mobility vehicle currently bridging the gap between police and the communities they serve in cities from coast to coast.

A vehicle that gives both officers and the community something to talk about.

In Virginia, the Norfolk PD calls the Trikke Interceptor “a major upgrade from the department’s old Segways,” and says, “everywhere you go, citizens stop and want to know what they are, what they’re called, if they can get one.”

In Berkeley, California, officers at the University of California have learned a valuable lesson. They say patrolling on police Trikkes makes them more approachable, and that people appreciate them being on a “more green” vehicle.

The Trikke Interceptor is part of Trikke Tech’s lineup of personal mobility vehicles for commercial and professional use, and sales are restricted to government law enforcement agencies.

Beyond the “cool factor,” the Interceptor is a rugged yet easy-to-maneuver electric machine with a powerful all-wheel drive. It’s silent-running, collapsible and lightweight, but it’s also fast, with speeds up to 37mph. The quick-swap, lithium-ion battery has a range of 30 miles, and each vehicle comes with six ultra-bright headlights, emergency lights, air horn and a siren.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s BART Police use the Trikke Positron as a tool for patrolling the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

In short, the Trikke Positron is a great tool that turns heads, starts conversations and promotes positive engagement with the community, all while helping officers do their job in a high-profile, multi-terrain vehicle.

Shouldn’t you consider such a tool for your department?

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