TRIKKE POSITRON is an electric all-wheel drive personal patrol vehicle, designed to help  officers cover more ground faster, and without breaking a sweat.

  •  Improves access to hard-to-reach areas and beats the traffic on emergency calls
  • Navigates crowded areas more efficiently than on bikes, and with superior visibility
  • Allows for a closer, friendlier, and positive interaction with the community
  • Silent and clean mobility for indoors and outdoors, with multi-terrain capability and operational cost of about 1 cent per mile

The POSITRON provides tactical advantage for modern community policing.

Available in 2 models: the standard 60V AWD and the high-performance ELITE 72V.

Handlebar Console
Ergonomic and Tactical
Multi-terrain full suspension
Dual color flashing EMERGENCY LIGHTS
1 cu.ft GEAR BAG
3-tone 100dB SIREN
stable and dynamic RIDING PLATFORM

"Since June when these were delivered, I've been in a car maybe once or twice.
That's less fuel, less maintenance on the vehicles that we're using. It's green initiative friendly."

Officer Mitchel Ashton

Norfolk Police Department

TRIKKE is the ultimate personal electric transportation solution for commercial use. TRIKKE Positron is a great alternative to Segway or e-bikes.

Trikke offers robust, professional grade 3-wheeled vehicles with a patented, cambering frame that leans with you into every turn. Rider-operators experience stability, comfort and performance at all speeds.

Trikke vehicles quickly fold for ultimately portability & deployment. Our long range, “quick-swap” lithium-ion batteries makes mileage concerns a thing of the past.

Looking for an alternative electric patrol vehicle to Segway, T3 Patroller, horses or police bikes? Officers can simplify their work week by improving mobility and efficiency throughout indoor and outdoor areas when using our Trikke Patrol Vehicles. 

The Positron can work as a complementary or featured vehicle in any fleet. TRIKKE Electric Patrol Vehicles (EPV) provide a mounted solution for covering large areas more efficiently than on foot, at less environmental impact and operational cost than driving an automobile.

TRIKKE Electric Patrol Vehicles have distinct advantages:



Take corners at full speed and easily make u-turns in the space of a narrow sidewalk thanks to Trikke’s patented cambering frame design.



Rugged yet simple = low maintenance.



Quick swap battery in seconds, increases operational time.



Folds down in seconds to fit into the back of any size vehicle. Makes it much easier to deploy.



Intuitive and ergonomic design reduces the learning curve and makes it enjoyable to use for hours an end.



Pricing is yet another way we excel in the patrol marketplace.

POSITRON advantages over FOOT PATROL

Much faster than walking and therefore each officer can cover a much larger area.

Minimal fatigue on the body while carrying a full gear load, conserving energy for action when needed.

Elevated stance (at 1ft above nominal) is a tactical advantage, allowing officers to see and be seen above the crowd, fences, parked cars and traffic. Also, it puts the officer near the same height as truck drivers.


POSITRON advantages over BIKES

No pedaling means no chain, shifter, derailleur, and crank.

Easier and safer mount and dismount with no frame or top bar in between.

Superior ergonomic ride and no seat pressure. Important for long term health.

Stability: with the 3-point adaptative frame, the rider is in balance in all conditions, high/low speeds and at rest, no need to step on the ground at stops. Bicycles have poor balance at start and very low speed.

The elevated stance offers better visibility and allows the rider to see and be seen  above the crowd, fences, parked cars and traffic, and puts the rider near the same height as truck drivers.

The taller stance also offers a more commanding posture.

The frame is foldable and more compact for transport and deployment.

Improved public image perception of an officer on a modern electric vehicle vs. a pedal bike.

POSITRON advantages over a PATROL CAR

Easier access to pedestrian ways and confined areas, alleys, trails, congested areas, stadiums, parking structures, and indoors.

Use of multiple possible routes to move through traffic and crowded areas. Will beat response time of cars on emergency calls and can be a force multiplier.

Ride in and park right on the site, at the scene. No need to block streets.

Visibility and close contact with the environment: 360 degrees surrounding view, sounds, smell.

Easy transition from outdoors to indoors. Get through doorways, navigate on escalators and elevators.

Zero emissions, totally quiet, green electric mobility. Lower environmental impact.

Lower operational cost: fuel, maintenance, depreciation, overall costs.

Reduced impact on urban traffic.

Friendlier, more accessible, and less threatening presence in the community.


“Our communities have seen great success in the past year with our community policing strategies and targeted patrols,” Maupin said. “With these new Trikkes, our officers will be very visible, but also be able to traverse more ground quickly. Combining our efforts with MPD’s Summer Crime Initiative will help reduce violent crimes across the city.”


Joel Maupin

Chief of Police, District of Columbia Housing Authority

The Trikke Positron makes officers more visible to the campus community: “Officers can get around, and people will walk up to us just because they want to know what it is”.

Lauretta Hill

Chief of Police, Dallas College Police

Lieutenant Thomas Atzert of the Atlanta PD rides the Trikke Positron

“I really enjoy using the Positron,” says Lieutenant Brendon Barth of the Atlanta PD’s Video Integration Center. “It has great mobility, speed, handling and visibility. I’m able to ride on the street and go places cars can’t go. It’s perfect around parks and crowds.”

Lieutenant Brendon Barh

Atlanta Police Department

“The Trikke Positron gives our deputies the ability to work in areas that are not accessible to vehicles. They also provide a great opportunity to stop and talk with people in the community and join in on rides.”

Cobb County Sheriff, GA

“The Trikke is easy to maneuver indoors and outdoors. It is awesome for changing perceptions of safety and security presence. Patients, visitors and staff all smile when I conduct patrols on Trikke”.

Santiago Chambers

Manager of Safety and Security, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

“We are always trying to find better ways to increase deputy presence throughout the Solano College campus in an effort to better serve our students. With these electric patrollers, our deputies are more accessible to our students than driving in a patrol vehicle. We can better find and prevent crime from happening in alcoves and passageways”.

Solano County Sheriff's Office

“It is easy to see over people as you ride around or through crowds.”

“Great mobility, quick response when needed. Allows greater visibility, easy to maneuver.”

Sacramento Airport Sheriff's Dept

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Urban workforces need more reliable forms of transportation that can get workers from Point A to Point B — our patrol vehicles can deliver. Likewise police and other law enforcement agencies need a more reliable form of personal transporter for navigating dense urban areas quickly and efficiently. The Trikke again is uniquely poised to deliver.