Trikke Positron empowering law enforcement

Trikke POSITRON: Transforming Police Patrols with Efficient Personal Electric Mobility

Trikke POSITRON is a personal patrol vehicle equipped with electric all-wheel drive, aimed at assisting officers in covering larger areas quickly and effortlessly, without physical strain.

  • Improved access to hard-to-reach areas and faster response times during emergency calls thanks to its speed and agility.
  • Better navigation in crowded areas than traditional bikes, with superior visibility and maneuverability.
  • Closer, friendlier, and more positive interactions with the community, thanks to the vehicle’s approachability and easy-to-use controls.
  • Silent and clean mobility for both indoor and outdoor patrols, with multi-terrain capability and low operational cost of about 1 cent per mile.

The POSITRON bridges the gap between police vehicles and foot patrols for better community engagement.

Available in 3 models: the standard 60V AWD and the high-performance ELITE 72V and the 72V XL.

Whether used as a primary vehicle or as a valuable addition to an existing fleet, the Positron from Trikke can offer significant benefits. As an Electric Patrol Vehicle (EPV), the Trikke provides an effective mounted solution for covering large areas with greater efficiency and at a lower environmental impact than on foot or driving an automobile. This makes it a cost-effective option for operations that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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TRIKKE is the ultimate personal electric transportation solution for commercial use. Trikke POSITRON is a great alternative to Segway or e-bikes.

Trikke offers robust, professional grade 3-wheeled vehicles with a patented, cambering frame that leans with you into every turn. Rider-operators experience stability, comfort and performance at all speeds.

Trikke vehicles quickly fold for ultimately portability & deployment. Our long range, “quick-swap” lithium-ion batteries makes mileage concerns a thing of the past.

Trikke Positron foldable to fit in a police car
Trikke scooter policing
Are you looking for an electric patrol vehicle that offers a more efficient and versatile alternative to options like the Segway, T3 Patroller, police bikes, or even horses? Our Trikke Patrol Vehicles can simplify the work week for officers by providing improved mobility and efficiency for indoor and outdoor areas.




Designed to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. They can maneuver through tight spaces and navigate crowded areas, making them ideal for patrolling urban areas, parks, and other public spaces.



Produce zero emissions, making them an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles. They also have a lower environmental impact than traditional foot patrols or bike patrols.



Lower operational cost compared to gas-powered vehicles. They are also more cost-effective than foot patrols or bike patrols, as they can cover larger areas more quickly.



Highly portable and can be folded down in seconds to fit into the back of any size vehicle. This makes it much easier to transport and deploy the vehicle as needed, without requiring a large or specialized vehicle for transportation.



Easy to navigate through a variety of terrains, including sidewalks, bike lanes, and pedestrian areas. They can also transport cargo, making them ideal for carrying equipment and supplies.



Designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, making them more visible to the public. This can increase their effectiveness as a patrol vehicle and enhance community engagement.

TRIKKE is a leading provider of reliable alternative transportation solutions for law enforcement agencies.

To meet the needs of urban workforces and law enforcement agencies, it’s essential to have reliable and efficient forms of transportation that can easily move from one point to another. Our patrol electric personal vehicles can provide a dependable solution for this purpose. In particular,  the Trikke is a uniquely suited personal transporter for security, police and law enforcement agencies, as it can navigate densely populated urban areas swiftly and efficiently.

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