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Leading the Way in Professional Mobility: Trikke’s Commitment to Robust, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Personal Electric Patrol Vehicles

Trikke Professional Mobility is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of rugged professional-grade personal patrol vehicles. They feature a proprietary 3-wheel cambering design for efficiently moving around large campuses, congested areas, and public events.

Our mission is to design and build innovative mobility vehicles that provide the best value in safe and efficient personal transportation – for maximum engagement in our community and minimum impact on our environment.

Trikke’s expanding client list includes sheriffs and police departments, colleges and universities, federal and state governments, resorts, casinos, malls, airports, seaports, and private security companies. Each has come to rely on Trikke’s personal mobility vehicles for the best combination of reliability and responsiveness with minimal environmental impact.

Moreover, Trikke is dedicated to working closely with law enforcement and security professionals to develop ongoing product improvements that meet their evolving patrol needs. Trikke values and appreciates their feedback and support in making their vehicles even better suited for the job.

Trikke is dedicated to providing the best operator experience by constantly refining and simplifying their designs. After experimenting with various three-wheeled stand-up concepts, they have developed the current design with the right geometry, scale, and simple engineering. This results in an extremely stable riding machine that is both lightweight and robust, and perfectly suited to the human form.

Your first ride will provide an intuitive and positive engagement with the frame, throttle, and brakes to produce a quick learning curve, with accurate speed control and precision maneuvering.

With Trikke’s patented flexible cambering (leaning) frame, the operator can position himself and the frame where they need to be for maximum comfort, confidence and performance at all speeds. Trikke has integrated a quick and compact folding mechanism for ultimate portability. Always looking to simplify engineering and assembly processes, Trikke delivers vehicles that are much easier to maintain than the alternative concepts.

“I have passion for the ride and would love to let everybody experience it. I’m committed to improving the ride and the performance of our vehicles to a top level. I’m inspired by the auto industry achievements, and I believe in a new era dominated by smart light personal vehicles.

Gildo Beleski


TRIKKE Capability Statement

TRIKKE vehicles offer a mounted solution for covering large areas with greater efficiency than on foot, while having a lesser environmental impact and operational cost than driving an automobile. In addition, they provide added capability for transporting cargo.


We take pride in assembling and conducting quality control of our electric patrol vehicles in Buellton, CA.


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TRIKKE is an innovative and advanced alternative energy patrol unit that represents a significant breakthrough in the industry. Our Trikke patrol units are addressing critical security and client challenges daily, in numerous locations worldwide, making a positive difference in the lives of many

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