• - All-wheel drive
  • - High torque motors, 2600W peak power
  • - Powered by quick swap 60V 1470Wh li-ion battery
  • - Full suspension
  • - Up to 35 mile range
  • - 37mph top speed
  • Revolutionize Law Enforcement Mobility with Trikke Positron

Cobb County Sheriff 

One of the largest law enforcement agencies in Georgia, located in metro Atlanta, serving a population of 780,000 residents. They have been using the Trikke Positron for a couple years, giving them the ability to work in areas that are not accessible to vehicles. They also provide a great opportunity interact with their community and join in on rides.



With the 3-point adaptative frame, the rider is in balance in all conditions, high/low speeds and at rest, no need to step on the ground at stops. 

Elevated stance

1ft above nominal is a tactical advantage, allowing officers to see and be seen above the crowd, fences, parked cars and traffic.

Green Mobility

Zero emissions, totally quiet. Lower operational cost: fuel, maintenance, depreciation, overall costs.

Operational Videos