Dallas College P.D. pivots to Trikke Positrons

Dallas College P.D. pivots to Trikke Positrons

Police Trikkes are transforming a Texas-size community college system’s police department by giving officers more mobility and making them more visible. Plus, officers speak highly of their new tool in local story.

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Atlanta police set to begin using motorized vehicle in fight against crime

ATLANTA – Atlanta’s police chief accepted all-terrain vehicles that officers can use to aid in the fight against crime.

The Downtown Improvement District and the Atlanta Police Foundation have donated three vehicles, called Trikke.

Wheeling police show off latest vehicles to its fleet

WHEELING, W.Va. — The Wheeling Police Department has added a new vehicle to its fleet, and it’s something you won’t see anywhere else in the area.

The Trikke Police Specialty Vehicles are battery operated, can get up to 37 miles per hour, and can be used when a police cruiser isn’t the best option.

Wheeling Police Department Hits Streets On New Trikke Vehicles

WHEELING — Members of the Wheeling Police Department were turning heads downtown on Tuesday as officers continued training on the newest, cutting-edge additions to the department’s bicycle unit.

El Centro College Police Add Scooters On Patrol

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – Police at El Centro College in downtown Dallas are using some new technology to patrol the campus.

As Segway is discontinued, Trikke offers police forces a safer, more powerful electric vehicle to defend the public

In the current cultural crisis facing our nation on many fronts, policing our communities and keeping people safe remains a critical priority, no matter what. Keeping civilians secure and defending the public is the sworn oath of the police force.

DCCCD Police Upgrading To Trikes

We are proud to be among the first in the state to use this new tool for our department.

Norfolk Police Department launches head-turning electric Trikkes

You may have seen them around Norfolk lately. Electric Trikkes are the newest way for officers to patrol the community.
They’re turning heads from Downtown to Janaf to Ghent and even Wine Fest.
“Everywhere that you go, citizens stop. They want to know what they are, what they’re called, if they can get one,” Officer Mitchel Ashton said.

UVA Police Department to Use Professional Mobility Devices

Police at the University of Virginia have a new device to help fight crime. They are called ‘professional mobility devices’ and the department has been testing them out for the last week and plan to order four more in the next month.

RPD test drives a new innovative vehicle

Last Thursday the Roxboro Police Department test drove new innovative vehicles that could assist with community functions.
That morning officers could be seen in RPD’s parking lot test driving Trikke vehicles, which are motorized scooters.

Even the company’s representatives, the chief and another officer got in on the fun and test drove the vehicles from Roxboro City Hall to Roxboro Community School and back.

DCHA’s Second Annual Summer of Safety Kick-Off Was a Success

“Our communities have seen great success in the past year with our community policing strategies and targeted patrols,” Maupin said. “With these new trikes, our officers will be very visible, but also be able to traverse more ground quickly. Combining our efforts with MPD’s Summer Crime Initiative will help reduce violent crimes across the city.”

Trikke Tech of Buellton launches new professional division

Trikke Tech Inc. of Buellton has launched Trikke Professional Mobility to supply regional and national police agencies, government departments and private security companies with personal electric transportation units, a company spokesman said.

Citrus Heights Police try new “Trikke” tech to stop crime.

You may have seen them out on patrol at Sunrise Mall already. They’re the new, threewheeled “Trikke Patroller” electric units — the latest tech deployed by the Citrus Heights Police Department in an effort to minimize crime at the Mall.

School security officer program faces possible cuts

The Scott Police Department provides officers to work as school resource officers at Acadiana High and Scott Middle School. In this file photo from September 2013, a Scott Police Department School Resource Officer shows off his new Trikke vehicle he will use while patroling the campus of Acadiana High. Acadiana High Students Madison Noel and Jordyn Leger are at right


The vehicles will come in two models. The first, a Trikke, is a three-wheeled, scooter-like hybrid vehicle. The second, a utility truck, is an electric utility terrain vehicle ideal for the logistical needs of police/security departments.

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