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Security Trikkes make deputies very approachable to the public, says local news story

The Community Justice Center of Indy’s Marion County is a big facility with wide hallways and a big parking lot, which makes Trikke’s three-wheel, electric Positrons the perfect way to “run up and down the hallways within the jail” and “get our deputies to places where they need to be in a timely fashion.” This according to the deputy chief sheriff of Indiana’s most populous county in the WRTV news story, ‘Electric horses’: Marion County deputies patrol the CJC on scooters. (See video below.)

Deputy Chief Kelvis Wiliams also says the scooters “save time and save on gas because deputies don’t need cars to get around the sprawling campus.” Another member of the department, Major Bryce Wolf, calls the Trikkes “very quiet which makes them conducive to use indoors”, and says “the nice thing about them from my standpoint is that they make the deputies very approachable to the public.”

WRTV even noted in the article that it saw several people approach the deputies and ask about the scooters. One woman even took a selfie with the officers.

“We get a lot of looks from the visitors,” Sgt. Jason Lakas says in the piece. “Someone says they are like electric horses. I say yeah, without the cleanup.”