• All-wheel drive, 2000W motor
  • Powered by quick swap 60v 1470Wh li-ion battery
  • Full suspension
  • Up to 30 mile range
  • 37mph top speed

POSITRON is the POLICE specific version with top notch performance for heavy duty work cycle and it is… street ready.

It comes loaded with essential features for law enforcement applications: all-wheel drive, full suspension, all-wheel disc brakes, dual headlights, high beam spotlight, lighting system and horn, 3-tone 110dB siren, dual color emergency lights, rear-view mirrors, phone holder with USB charger, gear bag, reflective POLICE graphics, RFID key.

Stealth, emission-free vehicles for indoors and outdoors, on/off-road, all-weather continuous operation. A great tool for navigating crowded areas and interacting with the community. Faster response than cars in congested areas.

Available in 2 models: the standard 60V AWD and the high-performance ELITE 72V.


Officers prefer using the TRIKKE more often and more continuously than other types of vehicles. The Police Trikke extends traditional foot and bicycle patrol range, and dramatically increases call response speed and positive public engagement.

Fast and eco-friendly, it out-performs squad cars for mobility in crowded conditions and multi-terrain scenarios (including indoors). At the same time, it packs powerful but quiet motors that maximize coverage and minimize response times.

Police Trikkes promote positive engagement

The POSITRON is the ideal personal vehicle for a new police force in a new era of upholding the public trust.

When it comes to community policing, the way forward can seem stacked with complicated solutions to complex issues. But what if there was a relatively new tool available, one that’s advantageous for both police officers and the community?
What if that tool was already in use by many law-enforcement agencies across America?

Inquire about an on-site demo

This is an unbeatable way for you and your team to see how Trikkes operate effectively in your own environment.

Improve Community Policing

 Our TRIKKE Patrol Specialty Vehicles offer the perfect choice for a new generation of police outreach and law enforcement. In this turbulent and divided times, being public defenders of local communities is even more important.

The Trikke Police was designed to keep officers as effective and efficient as possible in patrolling and other police duties while also providing a more positive and non-threatening image.


“The Trikke Positron gives our deputies the ability to work in areas that are not accessible to vehicles. They also provide a great opportunity to stop and talk with people in the community and join in on rides.”

Cobb County Sheriff, GA

“I think this is just another tool in the tool belt. You can extend the range of a foot patrol, and they’re easier to use than a bicycle, less effort because they’re battery powered. So, it’s a very good tool,” Sgt. Rob Safreed, Wheeling Police Department.

Those scooters-like devices are being used as a community engagement tool for university police. “They are a fantastic community policing tool. It allows our officers to get out into the community in places that are sometimes hard to get to in a patrol car or on foot.” Lieutenant Cody Oliver, University of Virginia Police Department.
Officer Ashton helped launch the special law enforcement-edition Trikkes program for the Norfolk Police Department in the Spring 2019. They’re a major upgrade from the department’s old Segways.

“They’re a little cooler looking, yeah.” Officer Ashton.

“They’re far superior to any other electric mobility device that we looked into.”  Officer Ashton.

“Our communities have seen great success in the past year with our community policing strategies and targeted patrols,” DCHA Police Chief Joel Maupin said. “With these new trikes, our officers will be very visible, but also be able to traverse more ground quickly. Combining our efforts with MPD’s Summer Crime Initiative will help reduce violent crimes across the city.”
Joel Maupin

Police Chief, DCHA

“I personally prefer the Trikke because it goes faster than I can ever pedal,” said Lewis, who is a member of the bike unit. “Also, when deploying on a bicycle there is always a possibly that I may have to engage a suspect to successfully take him in to custody. On a Trikke you simple dismount and contact the suspect having exerted zero energy trying to catch up to them – this in my opinion puts me in a position of advantage.”
Mayra Lewis

Turlock Police spokesperson Officer, Turlock Police