The Trikke POSITRON is specifically designed for heavy-duty work cycles in police operations, and it is fully street-ready. With its high-performance capabilities and top-notch performance, the POSITRON is an ideal solution for law enforcement agencies in need of reliable and efficient transportation.

Equipped with essential features designed specifically for law enforcement applications, the POSITRON is a reliable and effective tool for officers. It comes with all-wheel drive, full suspension, all-wheel disc brakes, dual headlights, a high beam spotlight, a lighting system and horn, a 3-tone 110dB siren, dual-color emergency lights, rear-view mirrors, a phone holder with USB charger, a gear bag, reflective POLICE graphics, and an RFID key. With this comprehensive set of features, the POSITRON is fully loaded to meet the demands of any police operation.

Stealthy, emission-free vehicles for indoors and outdoors, on/off-road, all-weather continuous operation. Its maneuverability and versatility make it an excellent tool for navigating crowded areas and interacting with the community. In congested areas, the Positron can provide a faster response than cars, making it an efficient and effective choice for any operation.

Available in 2 models: the high-performance ELITE 72V, and the  standard 60V AWD.


Law enforcement officers often prefer using TRIKKE vehicles over other types of vehicles due to their superior maneuverability and flexibility. The Police Trikke extends the range of traditional foot and bicycle patrols, allowing officers to cover more ground efficiently. With its faster call response speed and positive public engagement, the Positron is an effective tool for enhancing community relations and ensuring public safety. Officers can use it more often and continuously, resulting in increased patrol presence and a more rapid response to incidents.

Fast and eco-friendly, it out-performs squad cars for mobility in crowded conditions and multi-terrain scenarios, including indoor environments. At the same time, it packs powerful but quiet motors that maximize coverage and minimize response times.

Police Trikkes promote positive engagement

The POSITRON is the ideal personal vehicle for a new police force in a new era of upholding the public trust.

When it comes to community policing, the way forward can seem stacked with complicated solutions to complex issues. But what if there was a relatively new tool available, one that’s advantageous for both police officers and the community?
What if that tool was already in use by many law-enforcement agencies across America?


This is an unbeatable way for you and your team to see how Trikkes operate effectively in your own environment.