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Trikke Defenders plus airless tires help company navigate multiple sites

Call Allied Universal Security Services in Texas trailblazers. That’s because the leading security and facility services company is among the first Trikke Professional Mobility clients to acquire our solid, airless tires, the perfect solution for patrol Trikkes that patrol on smooth surfaces. (Think airports, hospitals, malls, and other indoor facilities).

Recently, Allied Universal purchased three additional, 48-volt Trikke Defenders to expand their already-existing fleet of Defenders; only the new vehicles are equipped with airless tires, an innovation Trikke CEO Gildo Beleski calls a breakthrough:

“Trikke has developed an easily replaceable, solid, airless tire with medium rubber hardness that offers the right balance for a smooth ride and long durability. When it comes to maintenance of security Trikkes, it’s a game changer.”

It’s an assessment echoed by Allied Universal:

“We love the solid, airless tires on smooth pavements (which is about 80 percent of our sites),” says Allied Trikke Technician John Manjarrez. “Stopping is smooth. Turning radius is not as sharp as with air tires, but it’s a good compromise. Overall, I would highly recommend the airless tires. They’re an excellent improvement and keep maintenance to a minimum.”

Solid, airless tires are available on all models of patrol Trikkes. For more information, contact Trikke Professional Mobility.