• All-wheel drive, 1700W motor
  • Powered by quick swap 48v 1170Wh li-ion battery
  • Full suspension
  • Up to 25 mile range
  • 28mph top speed

DEFENDER is the Security patrol vehicle optimized for patrolling indoors and outdoors.  It’s built tough to operate with riders weighing up to 300 lbs, and provides up to 20 miles range. The quick-swap battery allows continuous deployment 24/7.

Thanks to the cambering frame, full suspension, and upright riding position, the DEFENDER replaces the fatigue of pedaling a bicycle or walking long distances with an ergonomic, stable and comfortable ride that is easy on the body. The smooth, clean and quiet electric motors will keep your officers on the move.

The DEFENDER is the perfect security tool for achieving quicker response times, engaging with the public, and covering more ground.

Available in 2 models: the 48V-2WD for mostly flat terrain, and the 48V-3WD which offers higher torque for riding up the parking structures and ramps.


Officers use the TRIKKE more often and more continuously than other similar devices. Officers show increase in productivity and morale enough to be extremely noticeable. Trikkes make the job fun and more rewarding.


Folds down in seconds to fit in the back of any size vehicle. Much easier to deploy in multiple locations.


Easily navigates through crowds, hallways and doorways. Take up and down curbs, on escalators and in elevators.

Easy to use

Natural riding experience reduces training period. Comfortable to ride for hours due to ergonomic design.

and more…


Three points of contact and patented cambering (leaning) frame adds confidence and stability at all speeds.

Quick-swap Battery

Swap out battery in seconds – increases operational time. Compact battery and charger fits in tight spaces.

High Visibility

Increased height provides better line of sight. Highly visible presence reduces potential crime.

The Trikke Defender provides officers and safety personnel a more formidable presence, making them more visible and offering an obvious security presence.

The Trikke Defender has provided our Security Professionals with a superior platform to patrol designated areas of responsibility.  As one stands on the Trikke, patrol officers have a better view of their AOR. The Trikke is also more visible than carts, and has numerous safety features that allow for a safer experience than a cart, or bicycle. It’s much easier to handle than a bike, and is much more forgiving for the various physical conditioning levels of our Security Professionals. It’s also much less expensive to our clients, and easier to keep road-worthy. Also, when on the Trikke, one can cover much more ground, much faster than on foot and in a cart/car (because of better visuals).”

Mark Westman

Director of Operations, Allied Universal Security Services