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Department uses social media to tout the Trikke’s ability to go where standard patrol vehicles can’t.

It’s called the bike unit, but it’s about so much more. That’s because the Cobb County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Department also deploys the three-wheel Trikke Positron in said bike unit; and deputies are “enjoying patrolling on their new Trikkes,” according to the department’s Instagram account.

The unit uses “mountain bikes, Trikkes, and E-Bikes to patrol the parks and roads,” says one post. “This gives them the ability to access parts of the county that standard patrol vehicles could not.”

The Trikkes “also provide a great opportunity to stop and talk with people in the community,” says another post.

Georgia’s third largest county is one of several U.S. sheriff outfits patrolling on security Trikkes, joining California’s Sacramento Co. Sheriff Dept. (used at the Sacramento International Airport), Indianapolis, Indiana’s Marion Co. Sheriff Dept. (used at the county jail), and Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Sheriff Dept. (used at Louis Armstrong International Airport). Additionally, the sheriff’s departments of Jefferson County in Hillsboro, Missouri, and Richmond City, Virginia, also deploy police Trikkes.

But if you’re in Cobb County, officials would like you to heed this advice: “If you happen to see them out, please stop and say hey. Be warned though, you might be in their next selfie!”

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