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  • All-wheel drive, 2000W motor
  • Powered by quick swap 60v 24.5Ah li-ion battery
  • Full suspension
  • Up to 30 mile range
  • 37mph top speed

The TRIKKE POLICE INTERCEPTOR deploys a professional heavy duty and rugged construction, aircraft grade aluminum frame and parts. Full suspension with air shocks, wide stepping decks, all-wheel-drive, long range swappable lithium-ion battery, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and complete lighting system.

Powerful 60V battery and power system, full Whelan style siren suite and five additional ultra bright LED flashing emergency lights. It will carry up to 300lbs payload at speeds up to 37mph. This unit is also law enforcement restricted (police purchase only).


Officers use the TRIKKE more often and more continuously than other similar devices. The Police Interceptor extends traditional foot and bicycle patrol range, call response speed and dramatically increases positive public contact.


“Clips from our @TrikkeMobility test day. This is a tool for law enforcement that instantly increases community engagement, makes cops approachable, and provide a safe means of patrol special events, schools, parades & more. Awesome test day!” Chief David Hess

Roxboro Police Department

“The Trikke EV has many uses on a police force, you can be much more observant and much more in touch than driving around in a car. Walking a foot beat is probably the best way to find crime and snoop around in alley ways, etc., but the Trikke lets you do this faster.” “Stealth qualities are a great benefit.” “The Deputies cover a lot of territory with ease.” “The Trikke EV can be folded up and put in the trunk.” “We were able to ride them right into the elevator.” Sgt Pond

Sergeant, Santa Barbara Sherriff’s Dept. Solvang CA

“I personally prefer the Trikke because it goes faster than I can ever pedal,” said Lewis, who is a member of the bike unit.  “Also, when deploying on a bicycle there is always a possibly that I may have to engage a suspect to successfully take him in to custody.  On a Trikke you simple dismount and contact the suspect having exerted zero energy trying to catch up to them – this in my opinion puts me in a position of advantage.” Mayra Lewis

Turlock Police spokesperson Officer, Turlock Police