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Three-wheel electric vehicles now patrolling Georgia’s state capital and elsewhere in the Peach State

They’re being hailed as a better and more mobile solution than the infamous Segway, no doubt part of the reason the Atlanta Police Department is grateful for the donation of three Trikke Positrons, courtesy of the Atlanta Downtown Business District. The personal electric vehicles will help “manage crowds and catch bad guys,” according to the local Fox 5 News story Atlanta police set to begin using motorized vehicle in fight against crime.

“I never would have thought in a million years that something like this would be equipment on our streets,” says Chief Rodney Bryant. In the video version of the story, one official calls police Trikkes a “new high-tech tool,” while another says the Segway are becoming “historic artifacts.” Another official was pleased that the Trikke allows officers to see over crowds, sneak up behind purse-snatchers and better navigate traffic among the thousands who visit Atlanta for conventions, festivals, and sporting events.

“The imagination is your only limit [in] its use,” sums up one official at the press conference being covered by the local news outlet.

Before donating the police Trikkes to the Atlanta PD, the Atlanta Downtown Business District had acquired their own electric Trikkes to better serve the downtown region. Now, theirs and the PD’s new Trikkes aren’t the only ones roaming the Peach State. In 2021 alone, the Clarkston PD, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Tech University Police Department, and the Savannah State University Police Department all acquired Positrons.

The reasons are simple, says Carsten Krogh, Trikke Tech’s sales rep in the state:

“During times of budget concerns and higher fuel costs, Trikkes offer the best alternative for quietly patrolling the streets, monitoring crowds in any setting, and doing so with a limited harmful footprint on the environment.”

He also says the Trikke’s engineering is responsible for the favorite features of officers who’ve tried the Positron.

“Compared to other options,” says Krogh, “the Trikke has a much more stable platform that also provides a much higher point of view. Also, riding on 100% battery power is a great way for the public to view their local law enforcement with a ‘go-green’ mindset.”

That “go-green” mindset is now helping to maintain law and order in Georgia.

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