Defenders deemed “more versatile than Segways,” preferred over other electric options

The outfit charged with maintaining a vibrant downtown Atlanta, Georgia, has discovered a better way to serve the public: equipping the ambassadors on its Ambassador Force with electric security Trikkes, most recently the Trikke Defender.

The Atlanta Downtown Improvement District is a public-private partnership and nonprofit, charitable organization that strives to create a more livable environment for the area. Clad in red and blue uniforms, its ambassadors serve to enhance the public safety environment by patrolling the streets and common areas, ready to offer friendly and helpful assistance.

“The general public always notices the Defender immediately.”

Additionally, ambassadors monitor downtown surveillance cameras and work with off-duty Atlanta Police officers, who are hired to assist them with their duties and provide selective enforcement. The Ambassador Force also staffs information booths and is tasked with keeping the sidewalks and trash containers clean.

While covering the 220-block district, ambassadors can be seen riding all-terrain public safety bikes, Segways, or – more notably, at least to the public’s eye – three-wheel Trikkes that are part of Trikke Tech’s lineup of electric mobility vehicles designed for professional applications.

After using early-model Trikke Patrollers for a time, the Ambassador Force recently upgraded its fleet with the newer Trikke Defender — a change for the better, according to Ambassador and Field Training Officer Albert Jackson.

“The Defender has expanded our range of operation, allowing us to mobilize more of our workforce to accomplish our mission,” says Jackson. “The transition [from the Patroller] to the Defender gave our riders more confidence and stability.”

When it comes to surveilling the cultural and economic center of a metropolitan area that’s home to more than 6 million people, confidence and stability matter.

Electric vehicle helps maintain downtown Atlanta

Albert Jackson of Atlanta’s Ambassador Force prefers the Trikke Defender over the Segway.

So how exactly does the Trikke Defender help?

“The size and weight allow for a more even and stable ride,” says Jackson. “The Defender also presents a more commanding presence without taking up any more space on the horizon. Plus, the added suspension allows for better control and handling on uneven surfaces.”

As far as comparing security Trikkes to the infamous (and now discontinued) Segway – or other electric vehicles, for that matter — the field training officer is blunt:

“The Defender has proven to be more versatile than the Segway PT, and is preferred by me over other ‘electric’ operations.”

According to Jackson, he’s not the only Atlantan who’s sold:

“My co-workers are drawn more to the Defender than the Patroller, and the general public always notices the Defender immediately.”

So enamored with Trikke’s mobility solutions, was the Ambassador Force, they recently gifted the Atlanta Police Department with a Trikke POSI.TRON, the heavy-duty, top-of-the-line police Trikke.

As expected, the gift was much appreciated.

“I really enjoy using the POSI.TRON,” says Lieutenant Brendon Barth of the Atlanta PD’s Video Integration Center. “It has great mobility, speed, handling and visibility. I’m able to ride on the street and go places cars can’t go. It’s perfect around parks and crowds.”

Officer on electric Trikke

Lieutenant Thomas Atzert of the Atlanta PD rides the Trikke POSI.TRON.

So what advice does Ambassador Jackson have for other organizations or law enforcement agencies considering security or police Trikkes?

“I would encourage them to compare the Trikke’s electric vehicle technology to any other products on the market,” he says. “I prefer Trikkes for our application and believe others can benefit from them, too.”

The Trikke Defender and POSI.TRON are part of Trikke Tech’s lineup of personal mobility vehicles for commercial and professional use and is expressly designed for patrolling applications related to law enforcement, emergency services, private security, event management and more.