For this Texas-size community college system, electric Trikkes are “ideal for patrolling.”

How do you keep over 100,000 students on seven campuses safe? For the Dallas College Police Department, part of the solution is the Trikke Positron, the top-of-the-line, three-wheel, personal electric vehicle made by Trikke Tech and built expressly for law enforcement.

To aid in patrolling one of the largest community college systems in the Lone Star State, the department added the Positron to its lineup of security vehicles, mainly to help officers move around campus more quickly, according to an article on NewsRadio 1080 KRLD. In it, Dallas College officers speak highly of their new tool and its “new technology.”

“It’s really silent, so we can get around the campus without causing too much of a disruption to campus. We’ll also be able to patrol outside of campus,” says Officer Luis Leal in the article.

Additionally, Chief of Police Lauretta Hill comments on how the Trikkes make officers more visible to the campus community: “Officers can get around, and people will walk up to us just because they want to know what it is,” she notes in the article.

The Dallas College Police Department’s fleet of Trikke Positrons are built expressly for law enforcement.

After starting in November 2019 with four Positrons, the department — seeing their benefit — just added six additional units to cover more of the school’s campuses.

To help spread the word about their new patrol vehicles, Dallas College posted a video on its Facebook page introducing the three-wheelers to its community.

“Can your car or bicycle use an elevator?” the video asks while an officer on a Trikke easily rides off an elevator, then down a hallway. The thirty-second clip also features both voice-over and graphics highlighting how Positrons are “ideal for patrolling campuses and keeping them safe,” and how they can “quickly gain access inside buildings and tight areas.” 

But perhaps most notably, Dallas College via its video declares: “we are proud for our police to be among the first in the state to use this tool.”

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