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Personal Electric Vehicle (stand-up three-wheeled) for transport and patrol services. Professional grade construction: foldable aluminum frame with 3-point cambering technology for improved stability and control. All-wheel drive electric system with quick-swap rechargeable battery, full suspension, all-wheels hydraulic disc brakes, full lighting system. Fitted with POLICE flashing lights, 3-tone siren and removable gear bag. Top speed 37 mph and up to 30 miles range.

Law Enforcement agencies now use the Police Trikke, a three-wheel electric scooter to patrol a variety of environments, including high-density urban centers, universities, medical center campuses, shopping malls and airports.

Enables agencies to reduce fuel costs and vehicle emissions.

The POSITRON  will not replace your police bicycles. They are a different tool. The POSITRON expand your reach. You can look over crowds more than the average person. There are places where the bicycles are difficult to handle and the POSITRON is just perfect.



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