For years, Trikke Tech Inc. has delivered a fun, exciting, and environmentally friendly alternative to public transportation with its high-performance Trikke electric vehicles. Now, Trikke Tech is proud to announce the establishment of Trikke Professional Mobility, dedicated solely to supplying regional and national police institutes, government departments, and private security organizations with industry-leading transportation solutions.

The vanguard of this new electric transportation line is the Trikke Defender, a premier electric vehicle which has already been adopted for regular use by partners such as the USA Department of Commerce, D.C. Housing Authority, University of CA Police Department, and San Diego’s Harbor Police.

The Defender employs the patented Trikke 3-wheeled design, cambering frame, and unbeatable stability, comfort, and performance even at top speeds. The Defender is engineered for public patrolling in any law enforcement and emergency environment and situations, as well as event oversight and more.
The Defender is the ultimate solution for visible uniformed presence in multi-terrain areas and to support patrolling riders who require fast and efficient response times in almost any situation.

Trikke Professional Mobility products and solutions have been implemented by countless government organizations, police departments, and private businesses to improve overall efficiency, security presence, and community outreach. Clients enjoy significant cost savings, improved rider safety, and increased relationship building, as well as reduced carbon footprints and greater positive environmental impact with their fleets.