Advances in battery technology have allowed development of a new generation of personal vehicles.

TRIKKE technology is a superior choice for commercial and professional applications, for patrolling large areas, indoors and outdoors, where a car or a golf cart is too cumbersome, a bicycle does not fit right, and walking long distances is just too tiring.

There are lots of uses for personal vehicles in a professional setting, and our sales team identifies new applications every day. From Police to Security, from Parking and City tasks, from large campuses, Parks to EMS and military. Wherever access, traffic, agility and footprint are a factor, TRIKKE makes the difference by improving human mobility. Quiet, clean, simple and safe to operate, a truly ergonomic and comfortable ride, low maintenance and extreme durability.

The adoption of light electric vehicles is a trend, a growing market opportunity, and TRIKKE Defender is well positioned, as it performs better than the competition: Segway, electric bicycles, T3 chariots and golf carts.

TRIKKE TECH has more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing its products in the United States. Our clients are Corporations with large campuses, Government, Hospitals, Police Departments, Sheriffs, Hospitality, Cities, Transit, Airports, Universities, Shopping malls, Casinos, Refineries, etc.

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