TRIKKE is the personal electric transportation solution for commercial use. 

Trikke offers robust, professional grade 3 wheeled vehicles with a patented, cambering frame that leans with you into every turn.   Rider-operators experience stability, comfort, and performance at all speeds,

Trikke vehicles quickly fold for ultimately portability & deployment, and the long range, "quick-swap" lithium-ion battery makes mileage concerns a thing of the past.


This is an unbeatable way for you and your colleagues to see how Trikkes operate effectively in your own environment. Please call us at (805)512-8803 or  Email us today


Patrol Mobility designed to perform. Flexible mobility and quick response times achieved simultaneously.

Law Enforcement

Tactical Mobility designed to help you protect and serve your community.

TRIKKE is leading the industry in reliable, professional mobility.

Urban workforces need more reliable forms of transportation that can get workers from Point A to Point B -- our patrol vehicles can deliver. Likewise police and other law enforcement agencies need a more reliable form of personal transporter for navigating dense urban areas quickly and efficiently. The Trikke again is uniquely poised to deliver.