Patroller Plus

  • Front wheel drive, 700W motor
  • Powered by quick-swappable 48v 11.25Ah li-on battery
  • Up to 20 mile range
  • 16mph top speed

Patroller 2WD

  • 2 rear wheel drive, 1200W motor
  • Powered by quick-swappable 14.5Ah li-ion battery
  • All-wheel disc brake
  • Up to 20 mile range
  • 20mph top speed


  • All-wheel drive, 2000W motor
  • Powered by quick swap 48v 20.3Ah li-ion battery
  • Full suspension
  • Up to 30 mile range
  • 28mph top speed

Trikke vehicles have distinct advantages:

  • Performance: Take corners at full speed and easily make u-turns in the space of a narrow sidewalk thanks to Trikke’s patented cambering frame design.
  • Easy to Maintain: Rugged yet simple = low maintenance
  • No Downtime: Quick swap battery in seconds, increases operational time
  • Portability: Folds down in seconds to fit into the back of any size vehicle. Makes it much easier to deploy.
  • Easy of Use: Intuitive and ergonomic design reduces the learning curve and makes it enjoyable to use for hours an end.

…And our pricing is yet another way we excel in the patrol marketplace.

Trikke’s patented design can help by:

  • Improving response times and increasing officer presence
  • Expanding accessibility (ability to get through doors, on escalators and elevators)
  • Expanding coverage, quick swap batteries for continual us
  • Ease of transporting, portable and can fit in most trunks
  • Build community relations


…all at a lower purchase price and maintenance cost than our competition.

cop on Defender _ SD Port Police

Why Law Enforcement and Security Professionals Like It:


Folds down in seconds to fit in the back of any size vehicle. Much easier to deploy in multiple locations.


Easily navigates through crowds, hallways and doorways. Take up and down curbs, on escalators and in elevators.

Easy to use

atural riding experience reduces training period. Comfortable to ride for hours due to ergonomic design.


and more...


Three points of contact and patented cambering (leaning) frame adds confidence and stability at all speeds.

Quick-swap Battery

Swap out battery in seconds – increases operational time. Compact battery and charger fits in tight spaces.

HIgh Visibility

Increased height provides better line of sight. Highly visible presence reduces potential crime.